Which Methods are Proven for Penis Stretching?

John Hanger

proven methods for penis stretching

There are some discussions that people believe are too taboo to talk about with others and should be left in the bedroom or locker room. The only problem with not talking about these concerns is that many myths and false information begin to circulate. This is especially true when it comes to men talking about sex, and especially with being comfortable talking about their penis. Yes, let’s talk about penises, sex, and self-confidence.

Not everyone is comfortable with the penis that nature has provided them. Often, it is compared to other men or talked about by females, and men begin to have a preconceived notion of what their penis should look like that sometimes leaves them feeling disappointed. They may never tell anyone about how they feel and look for ways to improve it themselves. Without talking with professionals about how to get the best penis stretching results, a man could do serious harm, not only to their body, but also to their pride and ego—this could have negative results in a relationship.

It is time to be more open about penis stretching and penis enlargement techniques. There are some questions that many men have but may be too scared to ask.

Does Penis stretching make my penis larger?

Penis stretching make penis larger

THE internet is filled with all types of miracle ways to grow your penis. There are even ointments that say lather penis with ointment and rub vigorously for 5 minutes and see the difference. Well, there is a no brainer that it will look larger when it is erect but that is not a solution. Penis stretching can over time make your penis larger. It is not a one-time thing, and it takes hours a day for months at a time to increase the size of your penis. For the best penis stretching results, you will need to be committed to following a proper regiment.

Has Anyone grown a larger penis?

larger penis

There have been various studies, including by Zen Hanger and Turin Italian University, that have shown men can grow a larger penis with various penis stretching. The data has been consistent depending on the type of penis stretching (penis hanging, penis stretching and penis clamping). On average, there is an increase in penis size of 0.9 inches. This may not seem like a lot, but considering that the average penis size is between 5 and 6 inches when erect, this is substantial. These penis stretching results are based on the study over one year and following a penis stretching regiment.

What types of penis stretching are there?

  • Penis weights and hanging devices. This device comes with a noose hanger, silicon sleeves for comfort, and a hook for hanging the weights. This system takes time, and you need to follow the plan to avoid any injury. In the beginning, there are 1.5 weights and 2.5 weights that hang from your penis. This can move up in one-pound increments to about 20 pounds. This method has been seen as one of the most effective methods to increase penis size in the shortest amount of time.
  • Penis stretchers. The basic all-day stretcher comes with cotton nose and an adjustable leg strap to attach to the cord. There are also silicone sleeves for comfort. The idea of this device is to attach a cord through a pully system from your penis to your leg. You can wear this device all day, and you can even wear it when you sleep. It is worn under your clothes so that you can multitask while penis stretching. Over a period of time, you will increase the tension and stretch the penis a little more. This method is one of the most comfortable, but it will take longer.
  • Penis pump. Many men like the idea of a penis pump because it will do all the work for you. There have been good results from using this device; however, there should be some caution. Because of the ease of use, many men will over pump, and this can cause injury. It is recommended that you use a pump like the Zen pump that has a proper pressure gauge.
  • Penis Clamps. The penis clamp is designed to stretch the walls of the penis to allow more blood flow than usual when you are fully aroused. This style of penis exercise is designed to enlarge the girth of the penis, and not just the length. This is a very basic way to exercise, and it is one of the most effective, but will take time to conquer.
  • When looking at penis clamping as a form of penis exercise, it is recommended that you combine both a penis pump and penis clamp when you first begin this exercise regimen. The pump will simulate the feeling of blood flow that occurs during an erection and the clamp will then begin to stretch the walls of the penis. When following the exercise regiment, most men are eventually able to use the penis clamp manually without the use of the penis pump.

Will flaccid length also improve or just erection growth when looking at penis stretching results?

improved penis stretching results

Most men want to see a growth in the penis size even when flaccid and not just when erect. The answer is yes there will be an increase in flaccid size but like penis length during the erection the penis stretching results will fluctuate from man to man. One user may see a quarter of an inch improvement and others may see half an inch. This also depends on what penis stretching exercises you are completing and how committed you are to the penis stretching regiment.

If you, like many men, are not satisfied with the size and girth of your penis, don’t watch the ads on late night television or the click bait ads on the internet. There are legitimate penis stretching exercises that will increase your size to help with your self-esteem and give additional pleasure to your partner. For more information on the best penis stretching devices or methods, click here.

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