What You Should Know About Penis Enlargement

Know About Penis Enlargement

While some say size does not matter, penis size has always been a sensitive subject. This is why Penis Enlargement methods and procedures are marketed to those searching for larger penises. Some of these methods are not so effective, and others that are extremely effective carry an air of uncertainty and risks. Penis size may affect fertility, self-esteem, and one’s quality of life in general. As a result, a Urologist may suggest penis Enlargement or penile augmentation techniques. Some of these techniques may require the input of a specialist, while others can be done in the comfort of one’s home.

Possible Reasons for Penis Enlargement

Reasons for Penis Enlargement

There are different reasons a person may search for or require Penis Enlargement. These reasons can be broadly classified into physical and psychological reasons.

  • Physical Reasons:For some people, their penises are small due to hormonal or genetic disorders. This is referred to as micropenis, where the maximum penis length is below three inches (3’’). Unfortunately, this tends to affect urination (inability to direct one’s stream of urine), difficulty during sexual intimacy, and lowers the chance of conception.

Some other conditions that are associated with small penis size are:

  • Microphallus ( usually accompanied by a congenital defect called Hypospadias).
  • Buried penis.
  • Radical Prostatectomy: this is as a result of surgery for prostate cancer.
  • Peyronie’s disease; that leads to erectile dysfunction or painful erections.
  • Psychological Reasons: The average erect penis is about five to six inches long; many people do not realize this. Some people are of the mentality that their penises are smaller than the average size. This mentality, usually diagnosed as PDD (Penile Dysmorphic Disorder), goes on to affect their self-esteem and quality of life.

Those with PDD would find psychological counseling more beneficial than penile augmentation.

Best Simple Penis Enlargement Methods

Simple Penis Enlargement Methods

The following methods will help enhance the appearance of the penis and boost confidence and they are simple.

  • Lifestyle Changes, Exercise & Home Remedies

Penis length and girth can be increased through penis exercises. Repetitive rubbing of the penis makes micro-tears which give the penis a thicker or bigger appearance once the tears heal.

Another technique aside from rubbing is Jelqing. In this technique, the forefinger and thumb are placed around the base of the penis. The shaft is then stretched out (base to tip) daily for about twenty minutes. However, this method has not been proven to have any effects on penis size.

  • Weight Loss (for those who are overweight)

Losing some weight or dropping extra pounds would help an overweight person reduce pelvic fat and increase the visibility of the penis. This makes it appear larger.

  • Shape Your Body

When you get in shape, you boost your confidence, and the muscular body you achieve would give support to the look of your nether regions.

  • Groom Your Pubic Area (AKA Manscaping)

Shaving the hair growing around the penis makes it appear bigger because the hair no longer envelops it.

Most Popular Penis Enlargement Methods

There is a wide collection of Penis enlargement methods. While the products are truly efficient, some are often advertised (surgery not inclusive) with misleading information. However, Urologists know best and would provide insightful advice on which method is least detrimental.

Penis Enlargement Supplements

People with hypertension or arrhythmia (or any other disease/illness that includes nitrates in the treatment plan) should try to stay away from these supplements as some may contain small amounts of Sildenafil ( Viagra®). Sildenafil, when used with nitrates, lowers blood pressure to dangerous levels. Be careful of what company you get these pills from, as they may be dishonest with the content and effectiveness of their penis pills.

  • Using Penis Weight Hanging
Using Penis Weight Hanging

Penis weight hanging is the technique used for increasing penis length through traction. The weight hanger is connected to the penis shaft and worn for a period every day. The penis weight hanger is usually more beneficial to those with Peyronie’s disease.

  • Using Other Topical Medication ( such as Lotion, Gel, etc.)
zen hanger aloe gel

This is not for those who easily get skin allergies or irritation. Some Gels, lotions, oils, and creams (topical products) are advertised as methods for penis enlargement when applied directly to the penis.

  • Using Penis Pumps
Penis Pumps

These devices are quite popular for use in penis enlargement and for the promotion of erections. The device is placed over the penis and engorges the penis with blood by suction. A great example is the Automatic Penis Pump.

Care has to be taken when using penis pumps. Consistent use of penis pumps over long periods may give the penis a thicker and sponge-like appearance. If overused, it may damage the penile blood vessels and nerves, which could lead to erection impairment.

  • Using Penis Enlargement Surgery
Surgical procedures for penis enlargement

Some people opt for penis injections using synthetic and natural fillers, while others seek full-on Phalloplasty. This penis enlargement surgery involves penis reconstruction, construction, and modification. It is usually for those who experience difficulty in urination due to their penis size.


A variety of methods for Penis Enlargement exist, and someone who has genetic, hormonal, and other physical defects may consider one of those methods to help increase their penis size. Surely, this would be beneficial in boosting their self-esteem and reducing problems associated with the size of their penis. However, there are risks with every method or technique for penile augmentation.

Anyone interested in these processes must be fully aware of the risks, research how it works, and advisably see a Urologist for a final opinion.

Final Words from Zen Hanger

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