What to Avoid When Buying Penis Enlargement Pills

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What to Avoid When Buying Penis Enlargement Pills

When you are worried about the size of your penis and not sure what to do, look at Zen Hanger Volume and Recovery pills for assistance. When used with a daily regiment they can help with penis enlargement. You may be wondering, what is a penis enhancement pill and why should I choose Zen Hanger?

What are male enhancement pills?

Men watching late night television ads or seeing dudes in men’s muscle magazines would have come across advertisements for male enhancement pills. There can be the urge to try them, but men have questions, such as are these pills safe? Zen Hanger Volume and Recovery supplement is a safe and effective penis enhancement pill. We’ll learn more about that below, but first, let’s learn more about the two styles of penis pills.

The first are the ones that are seen during these ads that promote a miracle penis growth. These pills usually contain dubious substances they claim will enlarge the penis. These pills may be harmful, and they are certainly not a miracle.

Zen Hanger Volume & Recovery Penis Pills

Zen Hanger Penis Pills

On the other hand, Zen Hanger's Volume and Recovery supplement. This Penis Pill does not promote miracle cures, they are part of a penis stretching regiment or they can be used on their own to increase blood flow into the penis. This will provide a stronger erection. Volume and Recovery pills can also increase the sperm count giving a heavier penis and increase girth. Also, an increase in sperm count can provide a more satisfactory finish.

When purchasing male enhancement pills, be wary of pills that are sold with lotions to be used with them. Many of these lotions and pill combinations use friction as a way to show an increase of penis enlargement. In other words, rub vigorously to increase penis size. This is not a true penis enlargement pill, it simply a lotion to promote an erection.

What to avoid

What to avoid when buy penis pills

No exercise recommended?

If I said that I could make you strong and your muscles will grow and develop until you are ripped and I said you could do it with a pill with no exercise needed, would you believe me? Most people would be skeptical. Yet many men rush out to buy a miracle penis enlargement pill thinking that this will make them larger. Penis enlargement needs to have an exercise routine to work followed with the Zen Hanger's Volume and Recovery supplement. There are different styles of exercise that will work with these penis enlargement pills. These can include both manual and device driven exercises. Only by combining this type of exercise with the right male enhancement pills from Zen Hanger can you have true penis growth over a period of time.

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Who is the manufacturer?

When looking for penis enhancement pills, know who you are buying from. Because these pills are still considered taboo, many companies are taking advantage of this. If the pills come in a brown bag and have no indicator of who the actual manufacturer is on the bottle, this should be a red flag. You as a consumer need to do your research before purchasing any penis enlargement pills. Learn about the company who makes them, what are their online reviews and how easy is to find information about the company. A company like Zen Hanger is easy to find, the website is easy to get the information needed and the reviews are real.

No ingredients listed?

Walking up and down the grocery aisle, do you just throw food into the cart or do you want to know what you are putting into your body? Buying penis pills should be no different. These pills are going into your body and you should know what the ingredients are. If the company does not put the information where it is easy to locate, this should raise a concern. The ingredients in Zen Hanger's penis pills are easy to find and understand. 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Penis Pills - 26 Jan

Are male enhancement pills safe?

Yes, Zen Hanger Male Enhancement pills are very safe. The ZH Volume and Recovery Pills are made from natural ingredients that are formulated to promote blood flow to your penis.

Can male enhancement pills cause erectile dysfunction?

When taking male enhancement pills, it can be buyer beware, or the old saying you get what you pay for. If you are taking enhancement pills by an unknown company with unknown ingredients there is a risk that they could cause erectile dysfunction. When taking pills from a reputable company like Zen Hanger then the formula is tested and safe.

Can you buy male enhancement pills over the counter?

Zen Hanger can send you volume and recovery pills discreetly to your door. There is no mention of what is in the package, and the return label is just a shipping department. Zen Hanger will ship internationally as well. For more information you can visit the FAQ page.

How much are male enhancement pills?

Zen Hangers Male Enhancement Pills are under $25 or $45 for the two bottle package. One bottle has 60 tablets which is good for 30 days when following an exercise regiment.

Best place to buy penis enhancement pills?

Buy Zen Hanger Penis Enhancement pills online and checkout discount code here. 

Penis Enlargement Pills Really Work - Watch the Real Testimonial


There is no quick and easy miracle pill for making your penis larger. There are some things that will help stretch your penis when followed on a regular schedule. Any enhancement pills should be taken in conjunction with an exercise regiment. We have many great products to help you with Penis Exercise. Check out the Zen Hanger adjustable weight hanging system. Zen Hanger Penis Pills can be taken before sexual activity to assist in maintaining an erection, and they work even better when used with our penis weight hangers. To ensure that there is nothing medically wrong, seek advice from a healthcare professional. For more information about penis exercises and Penis Enlargement Pills visit the website.

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