The Zen Hanger Penis Sleeve: What is it and How Does it Work?

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Zen Hanger Penis Sleeve

Ok men, let’s be honest, talking about penis enlargement is not comfortable. It is a needed topic but there seems to be a shame that goes with it. There is the thought that “I am not large enough, I cannot satisfy my loved one with what I have,” or maybe the thought is “It is a good size, but I don’t last long enough for my partner to orgasm.” So, instead of being quiet and frustrated, let’s talk about penis enlargement devices and exercises. A great way to start is with a Zen Hanger penis sleeve. What is a penis sleeve and how can it help?

What is a penis sleeve?

Zen Hanger Penis Sleeve

There are a variety of names for a penis sleeve such as cock sleeve or penis sheath; no matter what you call it, they are the same thing. A penis sleeve is a silicone piece that fits around your penis. This silicon should be fitted to the size of your penis to be effective. One penis sleeve will cover the entire penis, this is used to enlarge girth and length. It also can be used with penis enlargement exercises. An open ended penis sleeve is more often used for men who are happy with the length of their penis but want more girth.

Age does play a role in our sex life. As we get older it sometimes is harder to get harder and stay hard. Erectile dysfunction is something that happens to many men. Be honest and think of your sex life. Can you get an erection all the time or does it take some work? Do you last long enough before becoming flaccid, (premature ejaculation is not just a teenage boy problem) and are you penetrating in a way that ensures pleasure for you and your lover? If you can relate to any of these issues it may be time to look at penis exercises and using a Zen Hanger penis sleeve.

How does a penis sleeve work?

When completing a penis exercise regime, losing any momentum or gain can be deflating. Using a penis sleeve during and after any stretching or penis weight hanging can help prevent any turtling or retraction. A penis sleeve is made of comfortable silicon and can be worn for long periods of time. Using a penis sleeve even without any other stretching devices can help with lengthening the penis both when flaccid or hard. It acts as a stabilizer, holding the penis at an extended position. The sleeve can be used in addition to a electronic penis pump, which is also available from Zen Hanger. The sleeve can add resistance to the exercise. In addition, if using a super soft sleeve, it can prevent bruising on (let’s face it, no one wants bruising on their penis)! A penis sleeve can also be used during intercourse to help maintain hardness and increase pleasure for both you and your partner.

Are penis sleeves effective?

Are penis sleeves effective

Yes. They are effective on their own as described above, but let’s look at how they can also work with other complementary products and practices. Remember, Zen Hanger is one of the best places to get all the tools you need to use the techniques below.

A penis sleeve on its own

A penis sleeve can be used to last longer in bed for more pleasure. By adding a sheath around the penis, the sensitivity is decreased. You will still feel your partner but less than if you were just wearing a condom. The sleeve acts as an extension of your natural penis that dampens the sensation but maintains the hardness allowing longer moments of intimacy.

How does a penis sleeve work with a clamp?

A penis clamp can be used as a stand-alone product or with other exercises. A penis sleeve should be used when using a clamp as part of a penis enlargement regiment. A penis clamp will restrict the blood flow from going out of the penis and will increase the girth of your penis over a period of time because this exercise will increase the amount of blood that your erect penis can maintain. Using a super soft penis sleeve is used for comfort during the time that a clamp is attached.

Jelqing with a penis sleeve:

Jelqing is not something that many men are familiar with but this technique dates back to the ancient Arabic civilization. Essentially this is a penis stretching that is designed to add length and girth. This stretching is like body building for your penis and it creates micro tears in the penile tissue that repairs and grows, then repeats the process. A penis sleeve can be used in to add resistance to the jelqing exercise. The sleeve can also be cut into smaller sections, and then lubricated to move up and down the shaft of the penis during the session.

Types of penis sleeves

Types of penis sleeves

When looking at using a penis sleeve there are a few things to consider. The first this is to ensure that you have the right size; one size does not fit all. You may be self-conscious of your penis size thinking you are bigger or smaller then you really are. The standard softness of a one inch sleeve is designed for men that are average or below average. The one and a quarter inch sleeve is used for an average size to above average size penis. And the one and a half inch sleeve is for men who are above average in length but want more girth. Please remember that no matter what is heard in the locker room the average size is just over five inches. Penis sleeves also come in different softness. The standard softness is used as a penis extender or to prevent turtling, the super soft sleeve can be used to add resistance to training programs and because of its softness and flexibility it is the best to use for penis pumping.

Penis sleeve advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage is that they can work well to help with girth, length, bedroom performance and confidence. A few disadvantages include the fact that this is not a treatment for erectile dysfunction. When battling erectile dysfunction (ED), you need a much more multifaceted approach that may include medication, therapy, products, and lifestyle changes. Zen Hanger has several products that can be used as part of your ED treatment. Please check our site to learn more. Another disadvantage, for some, is the physical sensation. If you and your partner are not used to introducing toys or other devices in the bedroom, it can take awhile to get used to the feeling of intimacy when using a penis sleeve.


Our Zen Hanger penis sleeve can be used in many ways both with other stretching devices and exercises or on its own. There are many benefits for using a penis sleeve for your sexual health. They are designed for comfort and durability. Zen Hanger takes great care to stand out in the market with top quality, researched products for male enhancement and sexual pleasure. There are many products on the market looking to take advantage of men shy about their length or bedroom performance. Go with Zen Hanger – the company that cares about quality and cares about you. For more information about our penis sleeves and other products from Zen Hanger, click here.

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