Penis Weight Hanging With a Penis Hanger for Peyronie's Disease?

John Hanger

Penis Hanger for Peyronie's Disease

Do you have Peyronie’s Disease? Or, are you curious about more of the medical benefits of penis weight hanging? I am sure there are several people out there that think penis weight hanging is only about trying to achieve a longer fuller erection, while it does work in that way it also has other benefits. Benefits such as helping those who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease in achieving a straighter penis and pain free sex.

What is Peyronie's disease?


Peyronie’s disease is essentially scar tissue formed on the penis causing it to bend or curve and oftentimes leads to painful erections. Because of this some men with Peyronie’s Disease may suffer with erectile dysfuntion due to the pain or have difficulty having or enjoying sex.

Along with the pain, ED and difficulty having sex Peyronie’s Disease can also cause penis shortening. As the scar tissue continues to build and plaque forms over the tissue the penis begins to lose its elasticity causing shortening over time.

What are the causes of Peyronie's Disease?

causes of Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie’s Disease is most often caused by a minor injury of the penis that begins to develop scar tissue over time. This can happen due to rough or vigorous sex where the penis begins to bend as it comes in contact with a partners pelvic bone or if the penis is bent quickly during intercorse can cause the leading injury. Sports injuries are also common issues that cause the scar tissue to develop into the plaque that is Peyronie’s Disease.

The issue lies entirely on how the body heals itself and while just because you got hurt during sex or sports does not mean you automatically have Peyronie’s Disease it is something you should pay attentinon to if you are faced with an injury. While this does affect millions of men worldwide it is not an automatic issue that everyone will face.

What are the different symptoms of Peyronie's Disease?

If you are wondering if this is affecting you the symptoms are easy to spot. Painful erections, soft erections, lumps in the penis, and for most anxiety and depression. As you can imagine men dealing with this issue and having trouble having sex build up quite a bit of anxiety about it and are suseptible to depression. Anxiety and depression due to issues with reproductive health in men is almost as common as the issues men face with reproductive health in the first place. Always consult your doctor if you are facing these issues.

In the early stages or the “acute” stages you may see some initial bending of the penis or pain as you begin to get an erection. The biggest symptom to look out for if you are not experiencing any pain is the sudden onset of Erectile Dysfunction. If you are faced with an injury and are having trouble maintaining an erection you may be in the early stages of Peyronie’s Disease. The acute phase is where you should be seeing your doctor do not let these symptoms go untreated before it becomes chronic and the issue becomes harder to solve.

In the “chronic” stages most of the pain caused by the bending would have passed however the penis would now have a significant curve to it. The plaque over the scar tissue would have stopped growing at this point making the curve more pronounced. At this point treatment methods take longer to solve the issue but it can be solved.

How do Doctors diagnose this Disease?

how to diagnose Peyronie’s Disease

If you think you have Peyronie’s Disease or if you are having other issues with your reproductive health make sure you discuss them with your doctor. When asking about Peyronie’s Disease only a physical exam is required to diagnose. The plaque buildup along the walls of the Penis within the curve will be hard to the touch and easy to feel even when not erect. If you can feel it ask your doctor about it, do not self diagnose as there may be other issues at play but checking yourself is a great starting point.

Your doctor may prescribe several treatments including oral medications. There are several oral medications that have been proven to have at least some effect on the plaque buildup or boosting the body's natural ability to heal itself like vitamin E, Potassium amino-benzoate, Tamoxifen, Colchicine, or Carnitine. All these treatments have varied effects with varied results depending on the person. They are all designed to reduce the plaque buildup over time which in turn can help straighten the penis.

If you do not want oral medication you may go the route of penile injections. The purpose of the injection is to “spot treat” the plaque areas by delivering a higher dosage of the medicine directly to the affected area than would be achieved by an oral medication.

Surgery is also an available option when looking for treatment. Either an extension of the penis on the inside of the curve to help it become straight or a shortening on the outside pulling it the other direction. Synthetic penile implants are a surgical option when a rod is placed in between the two tissue vessels that hold the blood to force the penis straight.

Of these options surgery is the most risky in that it can have the most severe side effects including loss of feeling or sensitivity. It is an expensive procedure and we always recommend talking to your doctor prior to making that decision.

How might ZH Penis Weight Hanger help with a condition like Peyronie's Disease?

Penis hanger

After speaking with your doctor you may want to consider a Penis Weight hanger to help out with Peyronie’s Disease and achieve a straighter pain free penis. Research has proven that over the course of a few weeks that penis weight hanging can help with this disease without the need for medication.

Not only has this research proven that stretching can reduce the curve naturally but can also lengthen the penis at the same time. Using Zen Hanger’s weight hanger is a simple treatment used a few minutes a day or with an all day stretching device.

How does it work? With weight hanging you are simply extending the penis with a weight to encourage your tissues to break down the plaque layers over time. It is a gentle process that was studied and shown to alter tissue and plaque so you can regain a pain free and curve free penis. These studies published in the National Library of Medicine are still ongoing and while a significant link has been established between hanging and the reduction of Peyronie’s Disease more studies are required. However, with the findings already published it is fair to say this method is worth a try for yourself.

Watch - How to use Penis Hanger

When using a penis hanger or using medication prescribed by your doctor the key is to make sure you stick to the routine.Fighting Peryronie’s Disease or any men's health issue takes time and can be solved long term with a solid routine. Having Peyronie’s Disease is not the end of your sex life, with a chat with a doctor and a weight hanger you can have the penis you desire and lengthen your penis while you are at it.

 Medical Disclaimer: If you have any medical conditions, questions, or concerns, please speak with your healthcare provider directly. The articles on Zen Hanger are underpinned by peer-reviewed research and information drawn from medical societies and governmental agencies. However, they are not a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis, or treatment.