Penis Stretching: Keep Your Penis in Peak Condition

John Hanger

Penis Stretching: Keep Your Penis in Peak Condition

All too often, the penis is treated as if it’s not a fully integrated part of a man’s body.

Guys who lack body confidence may ignore it, abuse it (with too much masturbation) or starve it of healthy sexual pleasure.

When it’s not rock hard and ready to perform for prolonged sessions in the bedroom, it’s common for men to get annoyed and frustrated. Erectile dysfunction can affect any man at any time.

If you’re a man who is guilty of neglecting your prime personal possession, it’s never too late to rectify this by starting a penis stretching regime that offers tons of benefits.

If you want to make the most of your manhood, it’s easy to learn how to stretch your penis safely and naturally, every day.

And if you’ve ever wondered: “can stretching your penis make it bigger?” keep reading...

How Does Penis Stretching Work?

How Does Penis Stretching Work?

As with any form of physical exercise that you may decide to take up, to shift excess pounds and tone up your body, it’s important that you understand the basics of stretching penis before you get started.

Although it’s not a muscle, the penis requires regular exercise to ensure it’s in peak condition. Penis stretching, using premium quality penis stretchers, is one of the most popular ways to increase the health and overall appearance of your manhood.

If you’re a beginner, an adjustable penis weight hanging basic system is a great penis stretching device for you to use to grow a bigger and healthier dick.

If you’re a guy who’s already wise to the fact that penis stretching on a regular and consistent basis can greatly improve your body confidence, sexual stamina and gratification, you may be ready to swap a penis weight hanging system for the ADS (all day penis stretcher/penis extender). This discreet male enhancement device can be worn under clothing, and while you’re tucked up in bed getting some zzzzs.

Penis stretchers are designed to give the penis a beneficial workout. When you suspend a penis stretching hanging weight from your penis, micro tears occur in the erectile tissues in the shaft. As these tears heal, they build up bulk and boost the length and girth size of your dick.

As you master the techniques of how to stretch penis with a penis stretching device, you will see noticeable growth gains gradually over time. Other noteworthy penis stretching results include an improvement in your erectile hardness, strength and durability, and enhanced semen production. Ejaculation control also becomes easier when you have a dick that is in peak condition.

The Penis Stretching Cardio Workout

The Penis Stretching Cardio Workout

In terms of fitness, what’s good for your heart is also beneficial to your penis. To achieve a healthy body balance, you need to have good blood pressure, and low blood sugar and cholesterol levels. To ensure your member is in prime condition, it’s recommended that you commit to a penis stretching cardio workout on a regular basis.

Stretching penis manually, and with the aid of a penis stretching device, helps to maintain a healthy supply of blood to the arteries in the erectile tissues. Your workout will strengthen the blood vessel walls in the penis, and increase the blood flow that’s required to achieve a rock hard erection.

And if you’re wondering “does penis stretching work if you’re already fit and healthy?” – the answer is...


A daily penis stretching workout will boost the all-important blood flow in your dick, and enable you to take full control of stronger, longer and harder erections.

Exercises That Boost Your Penis Stretching Workout

Exercises That Boost Your Penis Stretching Workout

While you explore how to stretch penis using a premium quality penis stretching device, it’s recommended that you also introduce some Kegel exercises into your daily peak conditioning, penis stretch workout.

Also known as pelvic floor exercises, Kegels work muscles that are often overlooked. The muscles located in the pelvic floor are responsible for bladder control, and can cause backache, bowel and urinary issues, erectile dysfunction (ED), and groin pain, if they are weak.

Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that support the interior base of the penis, and that also help to control erection elevation. The stronger these toned muscles are, the more intense your orgasmic climax will be.

To exercise the pelvic floor, head for the restroom to engage and clench the muscles that stop urine flow.

  • Contract the muscles for 5-10 seconds, and release
  • Halfway through urination, try to slow or stop the flow of urine
  • Keep the muscles in your buttocks, abdomen and legs relaxed
  • Stop and start the flow of urine, until you’re able to control it

Once you’ve got the hang of Kegel exercises you can practice them while lying down.

The Hands-On Approach To Penis Stretching

The Hands-On Approach To Penis Stretching

Many men who commit to daily penis stretching exercise also like to use a hands-on approach as a warm-up. When you’re learning how to stretch penis, mastering the ancient Arabic art of jelqing is a good idea. The massage technique stimulates and increases blood flow in the erectile tissue, and makes your erection firmer and harder.

A short 5-15 minute penis stretch (3-4 times a week) is sufficient if you’re a beginner.

The penis stretching workout of jelqing veterans typically lasts 20-30 minutes.

Realistic Penis Stretching Results

Realistic Penis Stretching Results

Can stretching your penis make it bigger if you incorporate all of the above listed techniques?

The answer is “yes indeed!”.

But does penis stretching work if you try it once or twice?

Unfortunately, just like with any other type of physical exercise, you’re not going to achieve noticeable results if you’re not committed, or overnight.

It’s important to remember that your penis stretching results can only be as good as the effort that you’re willing to put in.

To be able to flaunt a penis that is of a satisfying size, you’ve got to be willing to commit to a regular and consistent penis stretching exercise regime. You’ll also need to have realistic expectations of the penis growth that can be gradually achieved.


If you do commit to a daily penis stretch program, to keep your penis in peak condition, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover over time that you’re packing a penis that is longer, thicker and heavier.

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