Learn How To Use Penis Clamps

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Learn How To Use Penis Clamps

Men who are looking to positively boost the girth of their manhood usually opt to use an electronic automatic penis pump to elevate the proportions of their erection. What is a good length without a girth? Penis girth is one of the most overlooked concept in the penis enlargement community.

There is however, an alternative method of increasing penis girth and length over time, which is sometimes overlooked. Clamping is an advanced enlargement method to increase your penis girth.

The penis clamp is a compact compression device, and a highly effective piece of penis enhancement kit that can be used alone, or alongside other premium penis enlargement devices, to help you grow a bigger dick safely and naturally.

If you’re a guy who is curious to discover the results that can be achieved via penile clamping, it’s easy to learn everything that you need to know about how to use penis clamps in the comfort of your own home. Penis clamps are sometimes referred to as penis clips and will be used interchangeably in this article.

Definitely, a lot of questions are running through your mind such as, how to use penis clamps? Well, keep reading this article and you will find answers to all your questions on penis clips. We hope this article will give you a better understanding of penile compression clamps and how it can improve your sex life.

What Are Penis Clamps?

What Are Penis Clamps?

Penis clips are exactly how they sound. Small and discreet devices that offer an alternative way of increasing the girth (thickness) of your manhood, and elongating its length. Unlike the electronic automatic penis pump that completely engulfs your dick inside a transparent cylindrical tube, when you use a penis clamp your dick remains alfresco.

The portable, reusable and discreet male enhancement device opens and closes over your erect member, and grips you at the base. Penis clamping helps to strengthen the three erectile columns, the two paired corpora cavernosa (the erectile cylinders in the shaft), and the corpus spongiosum (which contains the urethra), for optimal penile health.

Penis clamps are available as a close over the base of the penis squeezing compressor, or as a strap that wraps around the base of the shaft. Because penile clamps force the penis to work harder and engage the Kegel muscles, they are often medically recommended for use in overcoming male urinary incontinence problems.

Our premium quality Zen Hanger penis clamp is custom made from durable, body-safe composite plastic, and features high-tension springs for a maximized blood-restricting grip on your dick. It also boasts quick release safety buttons, and incremental clamp down positions that allow you to adjust the tightness of the fit. Also included is a pair of pull-on comfort sleeves, designed to be worn over the penis and under the clamp for maximum clamping comfort.

What Does Penile Clamping Involve?

What Does Penile Clamping Involve?

Although the word ‘clamping’ may instantly conjure up images of painful torture, there’s really no need to break out in a sweat at the thought of clamping your dick.

Penis clamping involves tying off the erect penis in order to prevent the increased blood flow from leaving the shaft. Applying a clamping grip to the base of the penis when it’s erect, causes the spongy erectile tissue in the shaft to become swollen and engorged, to a higher blood flow capacity than normal. The more blood that your penis can hold, the more it’s able to increase girth and length dimensions over time.

Penis clamps results in an external internal pressure within your penis, which prevents blood from escaping your penis. Its tissues swell up more than its normal capacity, making it look bigger and thicker. After consistent and careful use of Zen Hanger clamp, your penile tissues and cells will stretch permanently. Hence, making room for high entry of blood.

Although Zen Hanger routine for penis clamping is effective alone, you can add several penile exercises to improve your weight hanging workouts for additive effects and achieve faster results. One of the main benefit you enjoy when you clamp penis is that it can be done anywhere as long as you have an erection.

Penis Clamping For Beginners

Penis Clamping For Beginners

When you first start penis clamping, it’s recommended that you take your time getting used to the device. Many guys choose to initially invest in a vacuum penis pump, for their male enhancement kit, in order to acclimatize to the restriction sensation before trying out penis clamps for the first time.

Try out the penis clamp on day one of your penis stretching exercise program, and then do not use the device for the next two days. As your penis becomes accustomed to the blood flow restriction, gradually add another penis clamping session to your daily male enhancement workout regime.

Tightening your Kegel (pelvic floor) muscles throughout the penile clamping session helps to improve bladder control and penile health.

You don’t have to sit still just because your penis is clamped. Moving around as normal will boost the blood flow to the erectile tissues, and create an awesome engorgement. A premium quality penis clamp can even be used when you’re taking a shower!

To minimize the risk of penile injury, it’s recommended that you allow 5-10 minutes between clamping sets.

To avoid causing damage to the testicles’ delicate tissues, it’s best to avoid clamping behind the balls. Instead, clamp your penis as close to the pubic bone as possible.

How To Use Penis Clamps

When you’re learning how to use penis clamps for the first time, there are a few basic rules to remember:

1. Slide the Zen clamp around the base

Before you wrap the Zen clamp around your dick, it’s important that you’re stimulated to at least 95% of a full on erection. Once you’re erect, glide the ultra soft, super stretchy silicone comfort sleeve along the shaft, all the way to the base. You’re now ready for penis clamping!

2. Lower the Clamp

Slowly lower the clamp to the base of your penis. To ease your way into penile clamping, place the penis clamp over the comfort sleeve that’s positioned at the base of the shaft. The penis clamp should sit as close to the pubic bone as possible. Loosely close the penis clamp around the shaft base and secure it in place with a click. If you need to, stimulate the penis to reach a full rock hard erection. While pushing the device against the pubic bone you can adjust and tighten the penis clamp.

3. Force blood into the Penis

The key to enjoy penis clamp results is forcing blood into the penis. Keep the penis clamp on for no longer than 5-10 minutes at a time. The clamp you have around the base of your penis creates a barrier so the blood in your penis is not able to escape. As your penis holds the increased blood capacity, it stretches and grows, causing a noticeable gain in length and girth size. Over time, the stretching will create permanent gains. Always pause in between penis clamping sets, to let your erection subside, and to allow the blood to circulate through your body.

4. Use your Pelvic floor muscle

You can achieve this by using your pelvic floor muscle to force blood past the clamp into the penis. Exercising the pelvic floor is what some people refer to as Kegel. Doing Kegel exercises while you wear the penis clamp, will help to increase blood flow into your dick, so that you can maintain a rock hard erection. The more you are able to do, the more blood will flow to your penis. It stretches the wall of your penis over time and train your body to push more blood into it when you are aroused over time.

When the clamping session time is up, press the quick release buttons on the device to open and remove the penis clamp.

Once you get the hang of penis clamping, you can introduce additional clamping sessions into your daily penis stretching workouts. Consistent penis clamping sessions will make your penis stronger and more able to engorge to a bigger, longer and thicker size when stimulated.

Benefits of Penis Clamps

Penile compression clamp is a type of size enlargement technique that has been around for many years. Apart from increasing the size and girth of your penis, there are other benefits of using Zen clamp. Some of these benefits include:

  • Penis clips can help you hold an erection longer during sex by increasing blood flow to your dick. It makes it easier for you to get hard and maintain it longer than before.
  • Some men have reported an improvement in their stamina and sexual performance after clamping for few weeks.
  • Penile clamping can be a better option for men looking for non-invasive ways to manage urinary incontinence or erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow to the penis than ever before.
  • Penis clamps can reduce the amount of time spent on foreplay and more time is spent on having a satisfying and fantastic sex.

Penis Clamping Safety Precautions

Penis Clamping Safety Precautions

While it’s safe to clamp your penis for 5-10 minutes at a time, to temporarily enlarge its length and girth dimensions, wearing it for longer periods can cause detrimental damage.

Blood flow suppression and damage to your penile tissues can occur if you wrap a penis clamp over your penis for a longer time than is recommended. The pressure of the increased blood flow that a penis clamp builds up can cause vein and nerve damage, numbness, and erectile dysfunction problems if you choose to ignore the suggested penile clamping safety guidelines. Here are some vital safe tips to remember when using a penis clamp:

  • Ensure the penis clamp is your perfect fit. Not too loose or too tight. You won’t achieve your desired penis clamp results with a loose clamp. A tight clamp can restrict blood circulation and cause skin irritation and pain.
  • Hygiene is essential. Always wash your clamp before and after use. Clamping with a dirty clamp can lead to allergies, infections, and skin irritations. Ensure you only wash with a mild soap and lukewarm water, and rinse in a clean, cool water.
  • Don’t clamp penis while you are asleep especially at night. It may be uncomfortable or bruise your cock.
  • Only use a penis clamp when you’re fully erect to get the best results.
  • Limit your movement during clamping if possible. This allow more blood flow to your penis.
  • Stop immediately you feel numb, cold, or pain. Remove the clamp to give your penis a break to recover. The safety of your manhood is the most important
  • Don’t keep your penis clamped in one position for a long time. Move the clamp up and down your shaft at intervals.
  • Always check your penis for any sign of abnormal coloration or bruise. Unless your penis color is dark normally, a dark coloration is a bad signal.

Why Should I Choose Zen Hanger Clamps for My Clamping Routines?

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Just like most penis clamp devices, Zen Hanger clamps come with instructions on how to use it effectively and safely. Ensure you read them carefully before proceeding with clamping. For a quick scan to remind yourself before any workout routine, you can print out these instructions.

Zen clamp is top-notch and superior to other brands of penis clips. Our topmost priority is quality, care, and safety. This is why our clamp come with the following features to ensure safety and comfortability:

  • A. Silicone sleeves for comfort: The Zen clamp comes with two silicone comfort sleeves, which serve as a cushion to reduce friction between the clamp and your shaft. This makes penis clamping more comfortable and reduces any chance of bruising. The average width of a closed clamp is about 2.8 centimeters and is an ideal for most men.
  • B. Push-button for a quick release: Some men may find it challenging to take off their penis clamps after a clamping routine or when they feel any pain or discomfort. But with Zen clamp, you don’t need to worry about being stuck. All you need to do is press the button and you are free. No discomfort at all.

Zen Hanger clamp is an affordable girth tool and there is no harm in starting and practicing early, and at the same time doing other beginner techniques such as pumping and jelqing to gain experience.


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How Long Should I Wear A Clamp?

Now you understand how to use the penis clamp, but how long you wear it matters. When you are new to clamping, we recommend you don’t wear it for too long to avoid bruising and pain. You most likely will not be able to endure clamping for more than a few minutes when you begin. But with time, your penile tissues get used to it. It takes lots of consistency and practice.

You must be able to maintain an erection and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to endure a long clamping session. At the end, you should be able to achieve about 10 to 15 minutes session in a day. Be patient and don’t push yourself too hard.

Are Penis Clamps Safe To Use?

Zen clamp is safe to use as along as you follow the safety precautions mentioned above. Avoid clamping for too long to avoid bruises, pain, and numbness. A Zen Hanger clamp comes with silicone sleeves and push-button to release the product without any pain.

When Is The Right Time To Use A Penis Clamp?

Paying attention to details and instructions is the key to any successful thing. The most vital and first step in penis clamping is to get yourself 100% erect before you start. You can carrying out manual jelqing as a warm up, apply water-based lubricants such as, aloe Vera gel on your penis to reduce friction between your penis and your hand. Do not forget to take breaks in between and workout on alternate days.

Can I Increase My Penis Length With Clamping?

For most men, the answer is no. But, the use of other types of stretching devices, supplements, and exercises can increase your chance of achieving both length and girth. You can take advantage of the penile compression clamp with consistency (at least 15 minutes daily).

How Long Will It Take To See Results From Penis Clamping?

It will take you at least two weeks to see penis clamp results, but expect to fully see these results in the first month. There are no known permanent methods of enlarging your manhood, but you are likely to see your desired results only with patience and consistency.

Does Penis Clamping Work?

If your goal is to increase the girth of your penis, the yes, penis clamps work. Clamping is one of the most common methods to increase your penis width. They help prevent blood flow out of your penis after getting an erection. In simpler words, they help maintain an erection. Consistent penis clamping can permanently expand the cells of your penis. Overtime, the use of penis clips can easily add girth to your penis.

Clamping Results

You can review more Clamping Results and other testimonials.  

 Medical Disclaimer: If you have any medical conditions, questions, or concerns, please speak with your healthcare provider directly. The articles on Zen Hanger are underpinned by peer-reviewed research and information drawn from medical societies and governmental agencies. However, they are not a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis, or treatment.

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