Is Penis Size Genetic and Can It Be Increased?

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Is Penis Size Genetic and Can It Be Increased

Have you ever wondered why someone else’s penis is bigger than yours? Or why yours is more prominent than theirs? The scientific answer is genetics. Genes are building blocks that determine a living organism’s behavior and appearance. This is what forms the basis of genetics.


Genetics play a substantial role in the size of a penis, but genes are not only responsible. Fortunately, if you are not satisfied with the size of your penis, using penis enlargement products can increase your penis size, whether you are worried about length or girth.

Which Genes Affect Penis Size

Genes Affect Penis Size

A male child inherits one Y chromosome from their male parent and one X chromosome from their female parent. The Y chromosome carries the genes which determine the growth of the male reproductive organ.

Although the Y chromosome leads to the development of the penis and testes, it doesn’t control the penis size. The X chromosome is responsible for the length and shape of the penis. The Y chromosome houses about 70-200 genes, while the X chromosome harbors 900-1400 genes: this difference explains why siblings with the same biological parents may have varying penis sizes since each sibling may inherit a different X chromosome from their mother.

Genetic mutations and rare conditions like Klinefelter syndrome and Kallmann syndrome can sometimes affect penis size. Also, de novo genes, unique to you and a bit different from your parents, can play a part in penis size.

Other Factors That Affect Penis Size

Factors That Affect Penis Size

Penis size does not solely depend on parental or unique genes. There are also non-genetic factors that affect penis size:

  • Environment: Environmental pollutants, such as plasticizers, pesticides, and chemicals, may harm penis size. These toxic chemicals act as endocrine disruptors, which affect the production of hormones crucial for reproduction. Exposure to these chemicals during pregnancy can negatively impact the development of sexual organs in male newborns.
  • Hormones: Male sex hormones contribute to penile and testicular growth. Testosterone causes the penis to grow in length at puberty. Low testosterone levels are linked to smaller penis size, lower libido, and erectile dysfunction. Exposure to environmental estrogens (female sex hormone) during puberty may cause penile abnormalities.
  • Nutrition: Malnutrition in the womb, early childhood, and adolescence, as seen in bulimia or anorexia, can delay normal puberty.
  • Smoking and Tobacco Use: Smoking reduces blood flow around the body. It can reduce the size of an erect penis because it affects the production of elastin responsible for erection.
  • Stress: High level of stress reduces the size of your penis. Too much stress reduces blood flow to the penis leading to small size and issues relating to sexual health.

Penile enhancement products produce excellent results. Nonetheless, avoiding factors that can affect your penis size negatively is essential.

Myths About The Penis Size

Myths About The Penis Size

While penises are more openly talked about in society, they are most talked about in the wrong ways. Many view how a “normal penis” should look in terms of size and shape. Here are a few myths about penises that can lead to insecurities:

  • You can’t satisfy your partner sexually unless your penis is large.
  • A “normal penis” should be straight.
  • The size of your shoe determines your penis size.
  • Black men have larger penises than Asian men or White men.
  • The size of an erect penis can be predicted when flaccid.
  • The average length of a penis is 8 inches.
  • Sexual pleasure is better when you are circumcised.

Available Treatments To Increase The Penis Size

Treatments To Increase The Penis Size

Self-confidence is one of the essential factors to achieving success. Suppose you struggle with low self-esteem because of your penis size, there are procedures and products to increase penis size.

  1. Medications: These can be in the form of injectables, capsules, or tablets that contain active ingredients that help to increase penis size.
  2. Penis enlargement devices: This is a non-invasive method of increasing the size of the penis. It involves using devices like penis weight hangers and penis stretchers, which uses traction to stretch and extend the length of your penis.
  3. Penis pump: A penis pump works by drawing blood into the penis. The penis swells when blood fills its vessels, making it bigger and harder .
  4. Penis pills: These are supplements that may contain vitamins, minerals, hormones, and other natural compounds that help stimulate blood flow to your penile region and improve your penis size.
  5. Lotions and Gels: They are mainly used to speed up the recovery time of the penis after enlargement exercises. They help to soothe the penis so that it can retain its length after being stretched.
  6. Penile surgery: The length and girth of the penis can be increased through surgery. Examples of surgery done to improve the penis size include:
    • Ligamentolysis involves cutting off some of the penis ligaments to increase the visible part of the penis, making it longer.
    • Prosthesis insertion involves placing flexible rods into the penis that pumps it.
    • Complete penile reconstruction entails disassembling the penis to its anatomical parts and reconstructing it by creating a gap where the harvested cartilage from the patient is inserted between the penis glans cap and the penis shaft, leading to increased length.
    • Pubic fat removal involves the removal of the excess fat around the penis that makes it look smaller or hidden.
    • Penis fillers increase the girth of the penis through the injection of filers and other liquids (an example is hyaluronic acid) directly into penis. It is often done in the soft tissue beneath penis shaft skin.


It’s not always about your genes when it comes to what’s in your jeans. However, the genes you inherited from your parents are a major factor. If you are one of the numerous men who are unsatisfied with their penis size, there are excellent products, devices, and consultations offered by Zen hanger. Zen hanger offers non-invasive penis enlargement procedures like automatic penis pumps, penis weight hangers or extenders, and penis pills. These devices have no risks of complications and less side effects unlike that of surgery.

 Medical Disclaimer: If you have any medical conditions, questions, or concerns, please speak with your healthcare provider directly. The articles on Zen Hanger are underpinned by peer-reviewed research and information drawn from medical societies and governmental agencies. However, they are not a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis, or treatment.

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