Cotton Hanging Noose For Penis Hanging and Stretching Exercises

The truth about penis growth:

There is a lot of information out there about penis growth along with a lot of products that make false claims of quick results. There is no pill, cream, or potion that will magically grow your penis size. These products prey on insecurities and desire for instant gratification. Just like you can't get six pack abs in a week (despite what the infomercial tells you), you won't add length or girth to your penis overnight. The truth is that penis hanging, stretching, pumping and clamping are the most common ways to add length and girth over time. It is possible to see noticeable gains over time from penis hanging, penis stretching, penis pumping and penis clamping. This is the only safe and effective way to grow the size of your penis. It may be tempting to buy into the false promises of other products but we can assure you that you will not get the results you are promised and will end up right back here seeking a method that will give you the results you need. Visit our FAQ page for a break down of misleading products on the market and why they don't work. Don't waste your time and money on gimmicks. The key to successfully reaching your growth goals is consistency and patience. Develop a routine that works for you and stick to it. You have to make your hanging routine a simple part of your life like brushing your teeth or showering. Can you spare time for a ten minute penis enlargement routine in the morning and evening when you shower? Thats all it takes to see real results over time. We have sample routines, real user results and a lot of great info on our website to help get you started and motivated. Now its up to you to put in the work. Are you ready to grow?