Top Ways to Naturally Get Harder Erections

Top Ways to Naturally Get Harder Erections

Sex is pretty much everywhere in our society, but what's often absent from the conversation is your actual sexual health. Sex is showcased all over in the media and it's just supposed to be “easy” and nobody ever has any problems in their sex life. And that makes it way “harder” to admit when you need a little help actually getting hard. You're not alone! It's estimated that at least half of all men experience some level of erectile dysfunction sometime in their life! But while ED can cause problems in your sex life, it can also bleed into your daily life. You might experience lack of confidence, depression, or even problems with your relationships. All is not lost though! Zen Hanger is here to help. Learn about our male enhancement pills and other natural ways to get a harder erection.

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Lifestyle factors

Take a Look at Your Diet & Exercise

Diet & Exercise

It may sound cliché but a lot of health problems can stem from your diet and exercise regimens, and sometimes this can keep you from getting erections naturally. Overly fatty foods can leave your body and libido feeling bloated and slow. Any number of missing vitamins can leave you at less than your usual level of vitality.

Try changing up your diet, and consult a nutritionist or your regular doctor if you need advice. Make sure you're getting regular exercise and a healthy amount of sleep. These solutions may seem obvious, but some simple changes might very easily correct your problem!

The Importance of Mental Health, Yoga and Meditation

Importance of Mental Health

When a man is having difficulty getting erections naturally, it may be a problem in their personal head space or mental health. Problems like anxiety and depression are some of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction. Confidence issues or past trauma or abuse can all be contributing factors in your flaccid sex life. Talk to a mental health professional for solutions. Maybe a counselling session or five would do you some good, or perhaps they can suggest a prescription of medication that might help improve your mental health, hopefully solving your problems in the bedroom.

That said, it's perfectly normal to not be quite ready to talk to a professional. As mentioned above, it can be tough to admit that there's even a problem to anyone, it makes us feel weak. Like less of a “man” if we can't get hard and have sex at will. If that's the case, look up some personal practices you can do on your own to try to work on your mental health. Many people swear by yoga or meditation practices, and you could also look into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) workbooks or thought processes.

Supplements – from trusted sources only


Millions of men have to live with erectile dysfunction but don't have time or luxury to change their entire lifestyle or go to therapy, sometimes you just need your soldier standing at full attention right the heck now. For these men, and those who other correction methods aren't successful, there are pills and supplements that can help create erections naturally.

These methods are often not available through your doctor directly, so be sure to find any of these pills from a trusted source! Many vendors out there advertise amazing results that they really can't deliver on or may even be dangerous to your health. Keep your expectations realistic. These natural remedies may not work for everyone equally, and don't often have peer-reviewed scientific data on hand. That's why it's so important to use a source you trust, and if you experience adverse effects, discontinue use and call the manufacturer or your medical provider. Zen Hanger strives to be a name you can trust. 

Zen Hanger Male Enhancement Pills

Our penis enhancement pills don’t make false claims. There is no such thing as a magic pill – but there is such a thing as a little help where you need it. These volume and recovery pills are designed to help with faster recovery when you use our penis weight hanging system and other products to increase size. Our pills also provide a nutrient supplement to your body that can help with erections. Learn more by checking out our video on the subject.

Are You and your Sexuality even in the Same Room?

You and your Sexuality

While some of this might overlap with the mental health components, there are other reasons you might not be ready to perform on command. Our media focuses so much on the “straight” and “gay” communities, there are parts of the LGBTQ+ communities that go beyond genitals and can affect your ability to produce an erection naturally. Not knowing how to express your sexual identity can be incredibly confusing and difficult. Often therapy can help us get in touch with ourselves, but sometimes it's as simple as gaining some knowledge to better define how you feel.

For example, maybe you're demisexual! Demisexuals experience sexual attraction based on their connection to a person, not just a gender. That doesn't mean you're suddenly bisexual, you can still be straight and a demisexual. It just means that before you experience sexual desire, you need a bit of a connection. If that's the case and you're just out forcing yourself into random hookups, you can't blame your body for not producing an erection naturally! Maybe you just need to find a partner that you LIKE!

There's a stigma in much of our culture that “exploring your sexuality” means you're just gay, and it's not true at all. Figuring out who you, as well as what you are, can be incredibly important to your confidence, relationships, and sex life.

Communicate with Your Partners and Set the Mood

Communicate with Your Partners

This is probably the most important part! Whatever your sexual ability or experience might be, what your medical situation is, or what your mental health and sexuality have to say about the matter, you're not doing the horizontal tango alone. Talk to them! If they're someone worth having sex with, you'll be able to figure out what works for the two (or more) of you.

It's possible that one of you has unexplored or unidentified kinks, or maybe only one of you is getting what they want in the bedroom. Maybe you're both inexperienced and embarrassed to talk about it.

Set the mood for the both of you! Suggest positions and locations that you both like! Our media always depicts sex as something spontaneous that we all just know how to do well, but I'm sorry to report that we don't. We're all unique. Talk to your partners like mature adults. If it's a problem for one of you, it's a problem for both of you. Talking it out can help you figure out how to get a harder erection so that you can both enjoy yourselves! If talking about sex is harder than your member, then you should probably be with a different sexual partner!

Zen Hanger is Here to Help

Here at Zen Hanger, we know problems in the bedroom or with penis size can be discouraging and even embarrassing. We aim to be a trusted source of safe information and products to help you get the sex life you want and deserve. Explore our website to see your many options, and contact us today to learn more.

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