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Hanging Weights - Half Pound Penis Hanging Weights Discs

Zen Hanger

$ 9.99

Hanging Weights - Half Pound Penis Hanging Weight Disc

Buying this individual penis hanging weight stack in half-pound increments will allow you to easily adjust the amount of weight on your hanger bit by bit. We offer a variety of different weights for anyone who wants to update the amount of weight they use for their existing weight hangers or for anyone who has a hanger they enjoy using that is not a Zen Hanger. Anyone looking for a new small weight to work with can benefit from these half-pound weights.

Excellent for Adding Weight to Any Device or for Building Your Own Stack

If you are creating your own custom weight stack or plan to update your existing Zen Hanger to one that can hold more weight, we offer eye bolts in multiple sizes. This will also give you a dedicated and sturdy place to hang your weights on. The single-pound weights come to you in packs of five, while the .5-pound weights are available individually. With a half-pound weight, you can easily adjust the weight on the hanger in smaller amounts at one time.

Increasing Weight in Small Increments is Key

Our penis systems are made to grow when your needs do. By being able to raise the amount of weight being hung slowly, you are more likely to enjoy success. Slow and steady is the key to penis hanging, and our half-pound weights make it easier to complete the process with the patience required.

Penis weight hanging is a tried and true method for adding base girth and length to your penis. Hanging light weights for only 10 or 20 minutes each day has been shown to bring you results with time, and it is a long-term commitment that you have to work toward. Buying this product is an investment that will last you for years to come. Each one is made out of premium materials that will provide you with the best experience on the market, bringing you the weights you need in an adjustable, convenient and premium package. If you're interested in a hanging system, you can find these weights in our shop as a set that comes with all you need, including both a noose hanger and silicone sleeve.

We also have weight stacks available in our store that come with the eye bolts you need. You can buy as many weights as you need by choosing the appropriate quantity and weight at checkout. Keep in mind the single-pound weights come in five packs, while the half-pound weights are sold individually.

Half pound weight pack

  • (1) Half pound weight


* Printing on weights is for promotional / advertising purposes. The weights you receive may not have the writing / graphics. Green Weights = 1 pound, White weight = 1/2 pound. 

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