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Male Enhancement Penis Enlargement Pills Zen Hanger Volume & Recovery Supplement   


Don't get these pills confused with other "penis enlargement" pills on the market. Those pills are gimmicks and full of fake and misleading promises. Zen Hanger Volume and Recovery pills are formulated to help you recovery fast from your enlargement routine and can also have some great added benefits such as increases size and significant increase in semen production. We have been working on this formula for over a year and testing it with real guys that use our other penis enlargement products. 

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We had so many request from you guys asking about what supplement to take to help your enlargement routine that we decide to develop our own formula that we could trust. The main goal we set out to accomplish when developing the volume and recovery pill was actually the recovery aspect of the formula but along the way we discovered the bonus results of increased penis girth and length and also significant increase in semen volume when taken regularly. After a significant amount of research and development we finalized a formula that we found to assist in recovery time when regularly performing penis enlargement exercises. Let's be honest, there are no magic pills that are going to make your penis bigger overnight. Anyone that tell you otherwise is lying. What this supplement will do is increase blood flow to your penis which helps recovery time from exercises.

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Another added benefit of increased blood flow is increased penis size. What this means is that most guys don’t get 100% erections. Some get 85%  and some get 95% but most don’t get 100% erection strength. With this blend of supplments the increased blood flow will help you reach 100% erection on a regular basis. How would you like to increase your penis size by 10 or 15%? You won't technically be growing your penis bigger you will be utilizing what you already have but most likely are not using 100% of. That means if your normally 6 inches long and 5 inches in circumference and are normally getting a 90% erection and our volume and recovery pills were able to get you to 100% erection strength, your erection would be about a half inch longer and a half inch larger in circumference on a regular basis. 

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The final great benefit of our proprietary blend is the significant increase in semen production. We tested this with a large group of guys over a 3 month period and the results were incredible. If you enjoy shooting large loads (volume) when you climax this supplement is what you are looking for. You will need to consistently take this supplement for a few weeks before you see a significant difference. A few tips to get even more volume is to hold off a few days from climaxing while you continue to take the supplement regularly. And if you really want to step it up take your regular dose daily and take an extra dose a few hours before you plan to climax. You should be very happy with the results. 

You don’t have to be doing a penis enlargement routine to take this supplement. It is great for recovery but you can take for the other benefits as well. Get started on your volume and recovery program today. 

See label for supplement details. One bottle contains 60 tablets which will last 30 days at the recommended daily dosage. 

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