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Zen Pump - Electric Automatic Penis Pump

Zen Hanger

$ 149.00

new electric vacuum pump coming soon

The new Zen Penis Pump - electric automated model will be released soon!  Check back for pre-order special pricing. This is going to be the best pump on the market hands down. Don't miss out! 

Zen Hanger has spent a significant amount of time on research and development in the penis pump category. This has caused the type of penis pump we offer to evolve over the years.

We started at the launch of our company with a basic pump cylinder with a hand pump. Penis hydro pumps or hydro pumping became very popular for the past several years so we worked with a supplier to produce our own version of the hydro pump. We have to admit, we loved the comfort of adding water to the pump and the concept was an awesome one, but water also limits when and where you can perform your pumping routine and pressure is harder to measure and regulate with liquid.

Vacuum Penis Pump - Waterless

Even though the demand for the hydro penis pump was high we decided to ditch our hydro pump model production in the best interest of you, the customer. We have worked hard to develop this new pump and we know you are going to love all the features and great gains you get. 

What makes our pump unique and better than the rest? We worked diligently with our manufacturer to upgrade to the best grade components. We are so confident in our pump that we will warranty it for defects for an entire year.

New Base - Pelvic Skin and Testicles Do Not Get Sucked

We also put a lot of time into one of the biggest complaints most penis pump users have...... how to solve the issue of your testicles and pelvic skin sucking up into the pump. This can be the most uncomfortable part of pumping and even leads some guys to give up before they even really get started.

We worked with our production company and a sample group of guys to develop the perfect base for our pump. Our new patent pending base is made of super soft silicone. it is so soft it completely seals the base of the pump and forms a cushion around the base of your penis 3 inches up inside the pump. This creates a 100% seal and prevents any suction of your testicles and other skin up into the pump.

As you start to apply pressure to the pump the silicone base will expand inside the tube and continue to grow as your penis expands continuing to provide a super soft cushion to the base of your penis. This turns pumping into a very comfortable experience. You receive two of these super soft base seals with your purchase and they are available to purchase separately also. 

Penis Pump Technology - Automatic and Electric

Beyond the comfort aspect of the new Zen Pump, we also worked extensively on technology features of this cutting-edge automatic electronic pump:

  • Pressure is measured in Kpa on an easily readable bright LCD screen

  • Maintain pressure of 0 to 50KPA (0-15 HGin)

  • USB rechargeable lithium ion battery

  • The vacuum motor is super quiet for privacy while using

  • Strong reliable design with 1 year warranty

  • Built-in timer for convenience of timing your pump sessions

  • Detachable vacuum top for easy cleaning and storage

  • Up to 40 uses on a single charge

  • Two user modes - manual and pick your pressure to maintain automatically

The standard size pump tube has 8" of usable space for length. The base is 2.5" in width and contours to 2.25" of width at the top of the tube. There will also be a future release of an XL tube for larger users and for average guys to upgrade to. you will be able to use the same vacuum head and just upgrade the tube size. XL tube will be 11" in length and 3.25" in width. 



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