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Automatic Electric Penis Enlargement Vacuum Pump - Zen Pump

Zen Hanger

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Zen Pump - An Automatic Electric Penis Pump

Zen Hanger has spent a significant amount of time on research and development in the penis pump category. This has caused the type of penis pump we offer to evolve over the years. After a few years of R&D we have finally launched our automatic penis pump. This is the easiest and most effective way to add size to your penis. The main focus is on girth but both length and girth gains are possible from a consistent pumping schedule.

Automatic & Electric Penis Pump Technology

We worked extensively on technology features of this cutting-edge automatic electronic pump. We tried think of everything we wanted in a pump based on our experience with all the other pumps out there. We know you are going to love using this pump. Our test groups saw amazing results from using the zen automatic pump regularly. We encourage you to watch the product video for details on how to use the pump and how it works. Some of the great features include

    • Super comfortable patent pending pump base make pumping easy and convenient unlike other pumps that cause pain and discomfort
    • Pressure is measured and regulated in Kpa on an easily readable bright LCD screen
    • Maintain pressure of 0 to 50KPA (0-15 HGin) automatically
    • USB rechargeable lithium ion battery
    • The vacuum motor is super quiet for privacy while using
    • Strong reliable design with 1 year parts warranty*
    • Built-in timer for convenience of timing your pump sessions
    • Detachable vacuum top for easy cleaning and storage
    • Up to 40 uses on a single charge
    • Two user modes - manual and pick your pressure to maintain automatically
    • Standard pump tube is 2.5" wide and 8" long
    • XL pump is 3.25 inches wide and 10" long
    • Electronic head is interchangeable between both tube sizes and also works with our vac hanger system

Automatic Penis Pump (Add Size to your Penis): Product Video

New Patent Pending Penis Pump Base 

We put a lot of time into one of the biggest complaints most penis pump users have...... how to solve the issue of your testicles and pelvic skin sucking up into the pump. This can be the most uncomfortable part of pumping and even leads some guys to give up before they even really get started.

We worked with our production company and a sample group of guys to develop the perfect base for our pump. Our new patent pending base is made of super soft silicone. it is so soft it completely seals the base of the pump and forms a cushion around the base of your penis  inside the pump. This creates a 100% seal and prevents suction of your testicles and other skin up into the pump.

As you start to apply pressure to the pump the silicone base will expand inside the tube and continue to grow as your penis expands continuing to provide a super soft cushion to the base of your penis. This turns pumping into a very comfortable experience. They are available to purchase separately also. 

What about the hydro penis pump?

Even though the demand for the hydro penis pump was high we decided to ditch our hydro pump model production in the best interest of you, the customer. We have to admit, we loved the comfort of adding water to the pump and the concept was an awesome one, but water also limits when and where you can perform your pumping routine and pressure is hard to measure and regulate with liquid. We have worked hard to develop this new pump and we know you are going to love all the features and great gains you get. 

What makes our pump unique and better than the rest? It is a long list. Automation, comfort, quality and proven gains are all reasons our pumps are superior. We worked diligently with our manufacturer to upgrade to the best parts and components. We are so confident in our pump that we will warranty it for defects for an entire year. Don't be fooled by knock offs that come from overseas. We worked very hard on this technology and fakes will not deliver the same quality, results and customer service.

Penis Pump to Increase Penis Girth - Client Testimonial

Electronic Penis Enlargement Pumping Results & Proven Penis Pumping Routines

We are currently running a year long study for growth results with this pump. Initial trials have shown great results in both girth and length gains. Pumping intensity, frequency and length of sessions vary from person to person. Some guys get better results with lower pressure for longer periods of time and other guys respond better to higher pressure for shorter periods of time. We believe starting in the 25 to 30 KPA range for your max pressure once fully erect in the tube is a great starting point. We also recommend not staying in the tube under pressure for more then 15 minutes at times. You can take a break and go back in after a 10 minute rest but we do recommend breaks before sessions. In the end you will need to see what works best for you and develop your own schedule. Everyone here in our office uses this electric pump and loves it. Some examples of routines we have see get results are: 

  • 2 ten minute routines in the morning (5 minute break between) everyday

  • 15 minutes pump routine in the morning and one at night everyday

  • 10 minute vac hang followed by a 10 minute pump every morning

These are just sample routines. We encourage you to develop your own. If you experience any bruising or marks from pumping it may be a sign of too much pressure. Its best to take a break and drop the pressure moving forward. All penis enlargement activity involves some level of risk. It is up to you to evaluate that risk and make your own decisions on what's best for you. You are liable for all actions you take with any of our products. Always use caution and stay safe. 

*Warranty covers parts and craftsmanship only. If there is physical damage from dropping or impact on the pump head warranty claims will be void

Zen Pump: Automatic XL Electronic Penis Pump Testimonial

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