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Silicone Comfort Sleeves 4 Pack or single 9 inch sleeve

Zen Hanger

$ 19.99

Silicone Penis Sleeve Wraps 4 Pack

Our Zen Hanger ultra comfort silicone sleeve four packaged 9 inch sleeve is a must have for preventing discomfort and skin irritation while hanging and stretching. Our sleeves are superior to other providers due to the fact that they are made through mold injection and do not have seems.

Other sleeves have seems and are weak and prone to tearing. Our sleeves are also cured in a clean environment and don't have the sticky / tacky feel of others. We performed a lot of research and trials to perfect the right amount of softness and thickness. They can even be doubled up for extra thickness if desired. Virtually one size fits all due to the extreme flexibility of the silicone. This four pack can be used as a replacement for your current Zen Hanger products if you have worn out your silicone sleeves or if you use other manufacturer hangers or stretchers and want a better replacement for the cheap foam, rubber or cloth sleeves they provided you with. We receive great feedback from our customers that purchase our ultra comfort sleeves and we are confident you will love them also.

These are available in a 4 pack pre cut into 2" sections or in one long 9 inch sleeve that you can cut into section of your preferred length. Go to our penis stretching sleeve product page if you would like to purchase 2 or 4 packs of the 9 inch version of this sleeve. 

When you purchase this item you will receive the following: 

Comfort sleeve 4 pack 

Diameter: 1 inch / 26mm

Length: 2 inches / 228mm

Pieces: 4 


9 inch comfort sleeve

Diameter: 1 inch / 26mm

Length: 9 inches / 228mm

Pieces: 1 

[3D Video] Silicone Comfort 4 Pack 9 Inch Penis Sleeve By Zen Hanger

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