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Zen Penis Clamp for Increased Girth

Zen Hanger

$ 24.99

Penis Clamp to Increase Penis Girth

With the Zen Hanger Penis Clamp, you can easily add width to your penis over time. These penis clamps are considered top-notch and superior to even other brands thanks to the push-button release functionality. With it, you won't have to take any risks when you are using the clamp and can instead easily release the product without discomfort. While others do try to create and sell knock-offs of the penis clamp and girth clamp products, we are the only ones who provide the quality and care you need to get the job done.

The Zen Clamp comes with silicone comfort sleeves while making penis clamping for girth even more comfortable. There are two sleeves for each dick clamp. The width of the penis clamp when you have it closed is about 11/8”(2.8 centimeter) in width and is ideal for use with most men.

Included with the Zen Penis Clamp Kit

  1. quick release penis clamp
  2. Ultra comfort silicone sleeves

Penis Clamp - How to Use it


Clamping for Increase Your Penis Girth

Penis clamps make it easy to add extra exercises to your routine by adding them to your weight hanging sessions or can be used as a standalone product. It is meant to be used while you're erect, so keep that in mind. To use it, place it at the base of the penis and then place the girth clamp over it to prevent scratching, irritation or discomfort. Restricting the blood flow from going out of the penis will help you increase the girth over time because it increases the amount of blood that you can maintain in your erect penis.

Zen Clamp Kit To Increase Penis Girth

Clamping Method to Increase Girth

Clamping for girth is one of the most popular and reliable ways to increase your width. It can sometimes be more effective than using a penis pump because you are totally in control of how much blood flow and pressure there is instead of forcing a certain amount of pressure from a pump. If you are new to clamping, it is important to start your routine slowly. One of the best routines is to work up to a five or ten-minute session each day by doing so for only a few minutes at a time and working your way up.

*Those who are new to the idea should do their research before beginning to eliminate the risk of discomfort and pain. We also recommend that you take a look at the Zen Pump - Electronic Automatic Penis Pump we have to offer. When you use the penis pump as a tool in between clamping sessions, you have a higher likelihood of increasing your width, too.

Zen Hanger Penis Clamp 3D Video

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