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Penis Extender - All Day Penis Stretcher (ADS)

Zen Hanger

$ 44.99

(ADS) All Day Penis Stretcher and Penis Extender

Our ADS system is superior to other Penis Extenders available in the market because of a few added features you wont find elsewhere.

1) Our penis extender tools come with a pair of super-comfortable silicone sleeves that provide a protective layer as well as a comfortable, simple-to-use cotton noose. Other versions of our penis extenders had leather lace-up wraps or silicone cups that were not quite as intensive. Customer feedback made it clear that the cotton noose is among the most comfortable of all of the options to provide a comfortable and secure fit, and we're sure you'll agree once you try this new penis extender or all day penis stretcher.

2) This All Day Penis Stretcher comes with an elastic band that is ultra-soft to the touch and it can be worn under the leg strap to promise extra comfort during long periods of wear. This material is better-suited for wearing for long periods of time.

3) The included tension pulley in our all day stretcher allows you to apply as much tension as you'd like to take control of the experience. It is not limited the way similar extenders are through a single settling elastic cord or a cheap spring lock like other all-day stretcher systems. The ability to increase the amount of tension and customize it is crucial to getting the best results over time.

Stretching for Long Periods of Time

This penis stretching ADS tool allows you to wear it for long periods of time after you have gotten used to it, even when you are asleep. You can wear it under your clothes for multitasking and getting the most out of every experience. With the adjustable leg strap, you can wear it above the knee, and there is enough elastic cord for you to use no matter your height and no matter how long you need the length to be. This is a premium-quality Penis Extender designed with both comfort and efficiency in mind.

Included in this All Day Stretcher (ADS) Penis Extender package:

  • Black or Green Cotton noose with locking beads
  • Adjustable leg strap including a D-ring
  • Two super-comfortable, soft silicone sleeves
  • Elastic shock cord
  • Tension cam for easy tension adjustment
  • Canvas storage bag
  • Soft elastic cotton band for additional comfort with the leg strap
  • Written instructions for use with the ADS

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